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We’re so excited to announce the development of a new online experience for the American Academy of Preceptor Advancement.


Look for our new website coming this summer!

AAPA is the only organization dedicated uniquely to advancing preceptors through certifications and the growing development of your skills, competency,and practice in this specialty practice.


AAPA is unique in the industry in that applicants go through a Competency-Based Certification process. 

Learn more about our process and about the different levels of certification we offer.

The American Academy for Preceptor Advancement (AAPA) Affiliate Program is designed to provide formal relationships with organizations that have committed to supporting the optimum development of their preceptors.


Find experts in preceptoring to mentor you in portfolio development for certification. Learn more.

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Click here to see how Nursing Preceptor Specialty Practice’s, Focused CE Series, can help you begin or continue fulfilling your AAPA requirements for Preceptor Specialist Certification.

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