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Repository of Preceptor Specialist

Preceptorship is fundamental in academia and clinical practice across all universities and healthcare organizations. Preceptors have always been present in board rooms, clinical settings, schools, and work environments where onboarding and role transitions occur. They formally and informally engage in coaching and mentoring in varying degrees for a specific time period, working with students, new graduates, and the newly qualified, new hires, and individuals transitioning into new roles and responsibilities. Exceptional Preceptors inspire others to excel, to explore their organizations, and to actively contribute to their own successes. Effective Preceptor Specialists provide the grounding students and employees need to ensure their emersion into the culture and climate of their studies and work. This becomes especially important with the advent of nursing shortages, critical experience gaps of newly graduated clinical employees, advanced learning, and increased competence in working with complex patient populations. 

The shortages in healthcare, e.g., of nurses and pharmacists, adversely affects the availability of experienced and certified Preceptor Specialists. Therefore, AAPA is proud to announce the development of the Preceptor Specialist Repository (PSR) of well-trained, certified Preceptor Specialists, to help academics and clinicians effectively transition new graduates into the workforce as competent and safe practitioners delivering safe, quality, and evidence-based care. 

What is a Preceptor Specialist Repository (PSR)?

PSR is a real time database of active, qualified, trained, and experienced Preceptor Specialists in academic and clinical settings. PSR ensures competent preceptors guide onboarding and transitions to practice. All Preceptor Specialists from different specialty areas are welcome to join. 

As professional healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to uphold the well-being of all the populations serve. 

Why Preceptor Specialists should join the PSR –

  1. Learning opportunities for working with others
  2. Professional Advancement accomplishments and considerations
  3. Achieving and maintaining preceptor specialty competencies and certifications